Maintaining An Amazing Crew, Maintaining An Amazing Crew, S&S Janitorial Services, S&S Janitorial Services

S&S Janitorial Services has experienced significant growth in a diverse set of old and new services offered to both commercial and residential customers. We owe a lot of that growth to an amazing crew. Their loyalty, hard work, and great attitude is what has helped us become such a success. There are a few ways to ensure that your crew is happy, industrious, and successful.

Most cleaning companies experience a revolving door of employees. Often times, this is caused by minimal pay and over expectation. An amazing crew doesn’t happen by chance. You must make them feel needed, and appreciated.

When employees are given a competitive wage and feel like they are a part of a mission, it causes long lasting healthy relationships between the customer and their cleaner. This works not just for the cleaning crew itself, but for each individual member of the team. In addition to the monetary motivation, letting employees know that they are valuable helps create such an amazing crew.

The result of a happy team is long term retention of contracts and a pleased, well serviced customer. We have been extremely lucky and, because of our amazing staff, will continue on our mission to clean up the Berkshires and beyond one office at a time.

Maintaining An Amazing Crew

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