A Clean Workplace is a Happy Workplace

Commercial Cleaning Can Reduce Sick Days

Germs are spread through an office most often by items that multiple people touch often, like doorknobs, refrigerator handles, and phone receivers. These spaces don’t typically LOOK dirty, but they can spread disease if not cleaned frequently. S&S Janitorial Services will work with you to put together a plan to target all of these areas to make sure they are sanitized regularly. In addition, we use microfiber and green cleaning products, which capture much more dust and dirt than traditional cleaning rags, in an environmentally friendly way. We only use green cleaning products that won’t damage surfaces and can’t harm your employees or guests if they come into contact with a surface soon after a cleaning.

For employees who are sensitive to allergens, regular wiping and dusting of surfaces around the office can improve their health by improving air quality in the office. Regular carpet cleaning with HEPA filtration vacuums will also make a big difference in air quality and in the smell of an office.

Commercial cleaning can be set up to fit your schedule, including nightly, weekly, or something in between, depending on your specific needs. An improved cleaning routine can keep your employees healthier, resulting in fewer sick days throughout the year!

Commercial Cleaning Can Improve Productivity

If you’re not getting your office professionally cleaned often enough, some cleaning tasks may fall onto employees, and it’s unlikely that they will share the burden equally. This can result in many employees losing productivity by spending time cleaning up after coworkers messes. By hiring S&S Janitorial Services for the time consuming task of keeping the office clean, you free up your own talent up for tasks that require their time and energy!

As we’ve said before, it’s well known that regular cleaning can also help improve morale, which is linked to improving teamwork and retention. When you walk into a building, it’s fairly easy to tell how often the place is cleaned. If it’s cleaned often, it will have a clean and crisp smell, door handles and floors will be unstained and not sticky, and windows will offer a clear view outside. Having a clean work environment sends a strong message to your workforce that you value their time and their contributions and you want to provide a comfortable place for them to work.

S&S Janitorial Services staff doesn’t reorganize or touch the clutter on an employee’s desk or workspace, since we could risk mixing up important papers. But by cleaning the other surfaces in the office, we can inspire your employees to de-clutter their own spaces. With a clean and uncluttered space, employees will be better able to focus.

Commercial Cleaning Can Reduce Conflict

While it may be uncomfortable to talk about, it’s likely that most people have experienced the inevitable conflict that can arise from employees not completing their “kitchen patrol” duties equally or adequately. S&S Janitorial Services staff have found angry notes stuck to piles of dishes in the office kitchens and break rooms addressed to coworkers about their failure to complete simple tasks, like wiping down a dirty counter. In many cases, our cleaning staff is happy to add most of these concerns and complaints to our regular office, kitchen, and break room cleaning! This already includes cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, counters and flooring. This helps eliminate a frequent source of conflict between employees that can drag down morale and impact overall workplace productivity.

The office refrigerator is another location that can become unmanageable without a regular cleaning routine! Hiring a professional to clean it once a week and throw out unlabeled food will help keep your employees accountable for any items they store in the refrigerator, freeing up space, your employees time, and keeping the break room or kitchen area smelling clean and fresh!

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A Clean Workplace is a Happy Workplace

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