Commercial Cleaning Quality Control

The cleaning business is often times strewn with poor work and a bad reputation due to work being performed without the proper Quality Control methods in place. The truth is that the most effective strategy is to focus on the particular needs of each customer when trying to help them reach their commercial cleaning goals.

Every building is different and it is important to understand that the strategy you put in place must be tailored to each particular customer. Breaking down the building into areas of importance such as the lobby, the bathrooms, the conference rooms and then the offices. Once there is a level of importance in place then you could begin breaking down the tasks one by one such as dusting the lobby twice a week and making sure the bathrooms are scrubbed thoroughly once a month. These simple task breakdowns will make it easier for the people cleaning your building and simpler fir the customer as they will know when each task will be completed.

The next order of business is making sure each office cleaning task is completed to the proper level on a weekly basis. A cleaning check list or Quality Control list should be in place that is filled out weekly by a member of management and then turned in to the customer so they know each area of their building is getting the attention it needs. This will promote a sense of trust in building a relationship with the customer.

The final piece to the puzzle is having a special projects list set up for carpet cleaning, floor care and other projects that over time will require attention. This will further show the customer that you are keeping an eye out for them and looking after their facility with a watchful eye.

In the end proper maintenance and planning result in better business relations and show the customer what your company is made of. A good strategy and a quality control plan will get you far as it has helped us tremendously in our mission of Cleaning up the Berkshires one office at a time.

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  1. It’s really interesting that so much work goes into cleaning an office. I wonder how you can find a quality janitorial service. I would imagine that you need to check prices and reviews.

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