Help Prevent the Flu

Cleaning and Sanitizing Tips to Help Prevent the Flu

Help Prevent the FluThe Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is set to release its latest flu count on Friday and the numbers are expected to jump, with influenza now reported in 41 states.

Influenza severity for Massachusetts has increased from moderate to high this week. The flu is still hitting the Berkshires hard so here are a few flu prevention tips.

Disinfecting workspaces and placing hand sanitizers and disinfection wipes throughout the building or office. Increase cleaning and disinfecting the high touch areas in your cleaning schedule.

  • Door knobs/plates/bars,Desktops, phones, keyboards, etc. every day.
  • Increase the frequency of hand washing among employees and use of hand sanitizers.
    The Mayo Clinic says: Does hand washing really help? Yes. Hand washing is the single most important method of preventing the spread of (the flu) infection.
    You can clean your hands using an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Make sure your hand sanitizers and disinfectants is rated/approved to kill the flu virus

Help Prevent the FluAll Surface disinfection is a simple two-step process.
Clean and disinfect the contaminated surface using a hospital-grade, EPA-registered, disinfectant/cleaner, spray.

Step 1 – Spray surface. Wipe away all gross contamination with a microfiber cloth, or coarse brush if necessary.
Step 2 – Spray the surface again, this time leaving it wet for the time specified on the label, then wipe dry. It is during this time that the germs are killed.

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Help Prevent the Flu

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