Dirty Jobs in Commercial Cleaning

When talking about commercial cleaning, you’re talking about dirty jobs.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an office, bathroom, or full building. Dirty jobs come in all shapes and sizes. You’re going to come across some of the hardest work you’ll ever do. It’s up to you to make the best of it, and remember that your clients will appreciate it.

S&S Janitorial Services has tackled some dirty jobs, some of the dirtiest jobs out there. This is pretty typical for most cleaning services. The difference between our company and our competitors is the sense of satisfaction felt at the end of a dirty job well done.

Recently, we cleaned the basement of a local funeral home. Calling this a “dirty job” is an understatement. The ceiling was covered in cobwebs, and every movement caused dust to blow through our work space. In cases like this dirty job, it’s important to use protective masks, gloves, hats, and even full body wear. This helps to stop the inhalation of any dust particles, and minimizes the amount of grit passed from any dirty job to our vehicles and then to our homes. Vacuums with special HEPA filters and bags are used to collect both dust and dirt. When a dirty job is completed, it isn’t just about appearance, it’s about health and safety as well.

This dirty job took over five hours to finish, and stuffed three full HEPA bags. When we were done, the area was ready for storage. Over a hundred years of cobwebs, dirt, dust and debris was removed, and the cleaning crew at S&S Janitorial Services felt a great deal of pride in a dirty job well done.

We always strive to solve our customers problems, and meet their needs, especially when it’s a dirty job.

S&S Janitorial Services, cleaning up the Berkshires one building, and dirty job, at a time.

Dirty Jobs in Commercial Cleaning

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