Professional Office Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning

At S&S Janitorial Services we offer the highest level of commitment to our customers. If you feel like your current janitorial service is not performing to your satisfaction please call us.

Office Cleaning
A clean work environment is a productive, and safe, work environment.

We offer all levels of office cleaning and commercial cleaning including detail dusting, vacuuming and kitchen and bathroom care. If your windows need cleaning, we do that, too! While other services cut corners, we clean them. Next time you are feeling down about the condition of your office, give us a call and let us come up with an individualized office maintenance plan for you.

S&S Janitorial clients benefit from over 16 years of experience in cleaning commercial spaces in Pittsfield and Berkshire County. We have extensive knowledge of products and methods to tackle any job, as well as a trustworthy and reliable staff, so you can rest assured your workplace is secure.

Basic Office Cleaning / Commercial Cleaning service includes:

  • Cleaning foyer entrance area including inside and outside of front door. Brushing or wiping down any furniture and sweeping or vacuuming the floor.
  • In offices and conference rooms all blinds, vents, picture frames, and monitors. All switch plates, desks, counters. and other horizontal surfaces are damp wiped. All chairs and floor mats are cleaned and floors are vacuumed or swept and mopped.
  • In bathrooms, all mirrors are cleaned and switch plates, handrails, and fixtures are sanitized. Sinks and toilets are sanitized and all chrome is polished. All paper and soap products are restocked and the floor is swept and mopped with an appropriate cleaner.
  • In the kitchen/break area, all blinds vents light fixtures and recessed lighting are dusted. All switch plates, tables, counters. and other horizontal surfaces are damp wiped. The exterior of the refrigerator is wiped as well as the interior and exterior of the microwave. Sinks are cleaned and sanitized and chrome is polished. Floors are swept and mopped or vacuumed as appropriate.
  • In stairwells, the railing is cleaned and sanitized. The stairs and land are swept and mopped or vacuumed as appropriate.
  • Office-wide trash receptacles are emptied and the liner is replaced as necessary.

The above is just a sample of the Office Cleaning Services. Our Professional Commercial Cleaning services we provide are always flexible with regards to the special needs of our clients. Call for a free no obligation quote today.


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