Office Cleaning – Carpet Spotting

Carpet spotting can make a huge difference in the way your office looks to the naked eye.

When someone walks into your office and sees a huge coffee stain on the rug, it lessens your chances to make a great first impression. Carpet stains can tell a potential client that you are not serious about presenting a professional appearance to them.

A good cleaning professional knows this and will employ the best carpet spotting methods available to bring a fresh, vibrant, and clean appearance to your carpets. Extend the life and beauty of your carpets with our expert carpet cleaning services. There are a few steps that will be taken in order to achieve these goals.

A great carpet spotting agent available is called “Folex”. This is a green cleaner that employs special enzymes that will remove virtually any stain without harming your rugs. Folex is effective, affordable, and comes in a variety of sizes. Whether you’re dealing with a light coffee spill or heavy creamer stain, simply spraying a liberal amount of cleaner directly on the spot will help in carpet spotting, by breaking up the stain. You can work the cleaner in with your finger, by tamping the area with a spotting brush or gently blotting the area with a dry terrycloth towel. Remember to never rub a stain, as you can make it worse by spreading it, and matting down the carpet.

It’s best to use light-colored brushes or cloths when carpet spotting, in order to limit any dye transfer from your cleaning products to the soiled area. Enzyme cleaners, like Folex, should always be tested in an inconspicuous area of the rug in order to check for color fastness. Experience shows that Folex is one of the best on the market, removing wine, coffee, soda, and even heavy stains like Kool-Aid!

As it is with most cleaning agents, you’ll want to be patient with this process. Give the solvent time to work its magic, and you’ll see a stain free carpet in no time!

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