Maintaining Full Service Standards

Commercial cleaning is a dirty business. Full service cleaning and scheduled maintenance helps prevent a facility from quickly losing its luster.

Commercial cleaning is more than just mopping and vacuuming. In order to avoid becoming overwhelmed, and missing some key details, it’s important to start an establishment in a routine schedule of full service maintenance.. Dusting, vacuuming, and mopping throughout the week can help the bigger cleaning jobs. This way, we can ensure that your floors, break room, and work stations consistently look neat and well organized.

One big component with a full service maintenance routine is making sure floors are taken care of. Carpet spots should be handled as soon as they’re visible, sweeping and mopping handled regularly. On a weekly basis, VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) flooring should be buffed in order to keep a brilliant shine.

These small, full service maintenance objectives save a lot of time, and money, as winter wreaks havoc on your floors.

A good spray buff and polisher can preserve the gloss on your tile floors for well over a year if done properly. There should be no obvious, long term scuff marks, carpet stains, or dirt and ice melt tracked through your business. Any full service cleaning provider should offer this service, and leave the customer asking for more.

Considering how important your work environment is, it’s never a bad idea to shop around when looking for a janitorial company. If your current cleaning service isn’t offering you these full service options at an affordable cost, please contact us for a free consultation. Help us to help you clean up the Berkshires, one office at a time!

Maintaining Full Service Standards

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