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Do you have a microwave at home or work for your employees to use? Every now and then, do you look inside to be greeted with a microwave that looks like a war zone? Then you try to clean it – you scrub, scrape, and make little headway. Well, here is a little trick! Just some water and lemon oil to clean and sanitize the inside of your microwave. It works like a dream.

You’ll need:
Lemon essential oil
Spray bottle

Step 1: Get It Together

Get your sponge wet; make it as wet as possible! Then put your wet sponge in the center of the microwave.

Then, fill your spray bottle with a couple of ounces of water and about 4 to 6 drops of lemon essential oil. Use a 1 to 2 less drops of lemon oil if you want a subtler lemon scent.

Step 2: Spray Away

Spray all over the inside of the microwave with the water and lemon oil mix. Don’t be shy, spray it all over the bottom, top, sides and inside of the door.

Step 3: Turn Microwave On

Now set your microwave for 2 minutes, then turn it on. Don’t open right away when the timer goes off!

Step 4: Then Just Wipe It Clean

After the time is up and the microwave turns off, leave the sponge inside the microwave with the door closed for a few minutes, until the sponge is cool enough to handle. Then grab that sponge and use it to wipe out the inside. Presto! All the filth and muck wipe off easily!

Use the same sponge to quickly wipe down the outside of the microwave as well.

And, done! A fantastic smelling, and above all clean microwave.

At S&S Janitorial Services, we offer microwave cleaning as a service to our other cleaning packages. If you need a bit more cleaning than just a microwave, we clean office kitchens and break rooms, affordably and on your schedule. Hire our experienced and professional cleaning staff to clean your entire business and let us handle your microwave while we’re there.

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Easy Way to Clean A Microwave