Customer Service With a Smile

In the cleaning business customer service is key.

Anyone can dust, vacuum and mop an office or home. The thing that truly makes a great cleaning company stand out is the ability to please your client. Starting with a simple smile each day, and performing above and beyond to make a client happy.

There are several important skills in customer service that we strive to excel at. Firstly, is patience. Not only with our client and their needs, but taking our time to finish each task to the best of our abilities.

Then attentiveness, as well as clear communication skills. Regularly interacting with a client helps them to be involved in the cleaning process at their home or office, and shows that you value their input. Having knowledge of your services, including what products are used, helps the client to understand what you’re able to achieve for them.

Lastly, time management skills will ensure that each project is completed in a reasonable, and acceptable time frame.

Following these simple customer service guidelines is what has made S&S Janitorial Services the premier cleaning provider for commercial and residential locations throughout Berkshire County. It’s helped us to maintain a knowledgeable and committed cleaning crew, and to retain satisfied customers.

Remember, the key to good customer service is building good relationships with your clients, and promoting a positive, safe, and friendly environment.

Customer Service With a Smile

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